War Stories from the Future – a FREE anthology

Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you want peace, prepare for war

Military science fiction is an interesting market. It is about all sorts of action but usually in a military-war setting which is not to everyone’s taste but solid sales across the genre continue to make it a viable option.

One thing that is not always done is to use military sci fi as a means of exploring futures of warfare and conflict. However the Scowcroft Center on International Security has as its objective the advancing of thinking and planning for the future of warfare, partly through its Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project. To quote from their website, the “project’s core mission is to cultivate a community of interest in works and ideas arising from the intersection of creativity and expectations about how emerging antagonists, disruptive technologies, and novel warfighting concepts may animate tomorrow’s conflicts.” To that end, explorations of future warfare could potentially help prepare for and even avoid the worst of such conflicts. afw-war-stories-from-the-future-book-cover

The Atlantic Council has produced an anthology of military sci fi writing , War Stories from the Future, which explores looming issues in defense and security through a collection of stories and writing from a variety of authors. And the anthology is now available in mobi and epub formats – free from their website. I have not had a chance to review this anthology yet but it looks very interesting. And who’s going to knock back an interesting freebie?

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