About Us

A Writer Goes On A Journey started as the brainchild of Nyssa Harkness who put in a great deal of effort in creating the original site and making connections with publishers. Changes in Nyssa’s circumstances meant she withdrew from continuing with A Writer but she shall remain as at least an Honourary Overlord.

Further changes in circumstances saw us move away from the much fancier website to this much simpler and easier to maintain blog-based version.

Our interest is in speculative fiction – Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror and the myriad of sub-genres. We try to review as much as we can and share as much content as we can, news and anything else we come across we think of interest.

Perhaps most importantly, we do NOT do paid reviews. And do not even think about offering to pay us to write positive reviews on demand as the resulting hostile abuse will most likely offend quite a bit.