And here we are. We are all writers as well as reviewers.

Ross sigRoss Hamilton Overlord (because he did not duck quickly enough when Nyssa was pulling back from her involvement). Author, perpetual student, occasional poet and sometime comic.
Illustration of a mythical dragonNatalie Madalena Natalie is an author and freelance fiction editor. She spends most of her time in fantasy worlds – her own or other people’s – and is a bit sad that no-one has invented dragons or working wands yet in this one. But her children still believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny, so that is her contribution to keeping magic alive.
Lisa Fuller Lisa is a writer and Murri editor working in an Indigenous publishing house. She reads/watches/adores fantasy and scifi, particularly urban fantasy and paranormal romance, or as the Overlord loudly labels it (often in public), ‘Lisa’s vampire sl*t fiction’. [editorial note – I pinched the expression from a publisher – Ross]
Lorraine Cormack Lorraine Cormack is a Canberra book reviewer. She enjoys reading across a wide range of genres, and discovering good writers who are new to her, as well as following the writings of established authors.  She is a founding member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild.
Nyssa Harkness The founder of A Writer Goes On A Journey and continuing as an Honourary Overlord In Absentia